Our kayak park consists of two Valley Nordkapp PE, five Prijon Barracuda with rudders, one Prijon TourYak with rudder, one Prijon Kodiak with rudder, one Prijon Excursion, one Wilderness Systems Northstar, one Stuer Kayaks Tiger K1 flat water race kayak, one polo kayak, a couple of junior kayaks. There is also wood strip kayaks for various purposes: a flat botton low volume Greenland style woodstrip/epoxy kayak "Fragrance" perfect for rolling sessions using euro or greenland paddle, a hybrid sea kayak in woodstrip/epoxy "Blade" for distance travel, an unnamed UK style woodstrip/epoxy sea kayak and an extreme closed cockpit-surfski type woodstrip/epoxy kayak.



S&G - Greenland style low volume kayak with birch plywood in the core. (2.900 euro). 

We handbuild west greenland style paddles for our own use and for customers. Length, diameters, volume, weight and surface could vary. Ours is usually made out of fir, hollow for less weight and still maintaining some volume for boyancy. Making one takes 2-5 days. 5 days is for a good smooth finish.

Please find a sample of our paddles on the video below. One of them was paddled in autumn ice when looking for a jetty walkway that had been disappeared with the storms. Another is a shorter stormpaddle.


Paddle to Jussarö in Ekenäs/Tammisaari

is the largest of outer islands in the Ekenäs (Tammisaari) archipelago and is an island with many faces. The most obvious is its history of iron ore and mining. Second and less known is the islands hidden miniature archipelago that is often challenging to reach. As a motor boater you would consider magnetic disturbances, underwater rocks, waves and narrow channels met by rocks on both sides. Many ships rest on the sea bead around the island.

Video:  Jussarö lighthouse and the Jussarö archipelago

A kayaker must consider the remoteness and that the island is exposed to mist and windwaves. If the weather changes to challenging there would be no time to loose if you want to seek shelter elsewhere. The distance to Jussarö by kayak is 8km from the closest carpark, a further 5 km to the Lighthouse on Sundharun. Many interesting features can be found on the way. Channels, pits in the bead rock, channels, pondlike bays, boathouses and nice shores to relax on.

Have a look at the services offered by Cafe Ön.

Paddlingsfabriken organizes kayak tours to Jussarö and Sundharun lighthouse on order. A strong paddler can make a day visit, starting early to get the most of the experience. To really enjoy you should opt for a two or three day alternative. It will be a learning expericence for your kayaking and navigation.

3 day guided tours

Planned tours
and separate arrangement

It is with great interest that I've seen greenland style rolling. I have done many of the various rolling excersizes like forward ending and backwards ending rolling. All my rolling can still be improved by repetition to become even more effortless. To me the two key elements to butterfly, balance brace, shotgun roll, forward bracing, tradional backwards sweep roll etc. has been a low volume boat and a greenland paddle. I realised what huge impact the boat type made as I was asked to repair a leaking Tahe Greenlander some years ago. It felt like cheating compared to rolling with other sea kayaks. The very low volume made it easy to stay torso afloat while seated in the boat. A fairly high volume paddle helped towards experimenting on the balance brace too.

Dubside signing

Click on the image

Signed kayak

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I am at the stage where a balance brace in my self built Fragrance wood strip kayak is a routine with any paddle. But I am still missing all the handrolls. I don't think they are far away. Perhaps if I had regular access to a swiming pool then....  but I've learnt all my rolling on the open water during summertime. A neprene tuilik has also helped - giving me more water time without getting cold. But still a barrier exists - no hand roll.

Perhaps Fragrance is not low enough, or the cockpit too narrow? 

Skin on Frame? To perfect my knowledge and skills of kayaking I decided to build a tradional style kayak. Using the Christopher Cunningham book for referece It took me about three weeks to finnish my first frame, choose the fabric and "skin" the frame. What came out was a nice looking boat. Slightly more tippy than wished for, and with more volume. About 10 cm of freeboard is not bad at all, but it is too much for a so called rolling machine. Chines should have been more apart and the ribs bent more sharply. On bending there is a limit for the wood. Skill is needed to choose the wood, prepare and steam it right. The size of this, my first skin on frame kayak is based on hip width, finger measures, arm spans and fist measures.

Florecent white is an impressive fabric colour. Light adds to the impression, such a contrast to the rest of the fiberglass and plastic boats at Hanko Sea Kayak Gathering last weekend (16.-18.8.2013). I hope others were inspired to build one themselves. Most of my three weeks of calendar building time was spent reading and understanding Christophers building instructions, and finding the proper way to use the tools, and sizing for masik, pegs and mortizes.

Jöns with a brand new skin on frame kayak

To make the kayak more durable I will add some coating to it that will likely take away some of the florecence in the colour. In addition to ultimately withstand ice it should have no problem with abrasion and sharp objects. The coating will also protect all the 160 Gathering signitures that participants were kind to share on the skin.


The quick way to build rolling confidence is to quickly do your first roll and then start on lots of variations. Jöns does about 10 different variations of rolling himself and usually gives individual instruction to beginners in a straightforward fashion, where you will suddenly get appaloude for success, without even realizing you did it on your own. You will have an instructors full attention and support by your side during the intensive trainging. The individual session will last for 30 minutes, and then you will move to observe or excercise on your own, until we are all done and do some summing up - perhaps with additional moves on the water.  If you already have some success then you will get advice and examples on how to improve your rolling. Sharing experiences is one of the routes to get more confident as a roller.   Of course nobody can guarantee that you succeed, and the reasons will be identified and worked on.

Greenland style rolling examples (video clips)



Currently in the plans: Paddle tour to Jussarö  Tuesday 25.7 kl 10 - Thursday 27.7 and Monday 7.8 kl 10 - Wednesday 9.8.  Ekenäs to Källviken  monday 12.6.2017 kl 17-21, wednesday 14.6.2017 kl 10-15, tuesday 18.7.2017 kl 10-15.

To book we kindly ask you to go to the webshop and tours there. Choose the tour as a product with the correct dates and add preferred options. Only paid purchases are binding to us. First buy first served.


We offer 13+ kayak seats in singles and tandems used for training, tours and renting:

- Valley Nordkapp PE
- Prijon Barracuda with rudders
- Prijon TourYak with rudder
- Prijon Kodiak with rudder
- Prijon Excursion (tandem)
- Wilderness Systems Northstar (tandem)
- Stuer Kayaks Tiger K1 flat water race kayak
- polo kayak
- junior kayaks.

- Fragrance Greenland style woodstrip/epoxy kayak
- Blade hybrid sea kayak in woodstrip/epoxy
- Nalike UK style woodstrip/epoxy sea kayak
- SeaStrip "Needle" closed cockpit-surfski type woodstrip/epoxy kayak.


Paddlingsfabriken can offer custom kayak designs, courses and coaching, as well as source building material and build the kayak for you. If you are lacking the proper space to build, let us know, we might be able to find an appropriate space for you.

Jöns at Paddlingsfabriken has designed and built close to ten woodcomposite kayaks of varying designs. The construction techinques used have been stitch & glue as well as strip built hulls. The main focus has been on experimenting with form and function. Less with ornaments and layouts of colored strips.

Sheduled events, courses and prices are available to buy on the webshop.

Cannot find the one you need?: - e-mail or call us.

Course and assessment outlines from different bodies can be found here. They have similarities. They also target different environments, levels and coaching steps. Our thoughts will appear in descriptions on how certain techniques should be performed. The advantage of a skilled coach is that he/she can introduce you to skills and knowledge that you did not realise that existed and can expand the knowledge you already have.

Handmade wooden kayaks are on offer. They are durable and lightweight, easy to maintain. Our standard is that the wood is laminated and enclosed with fiberglass and epoxy resin, creating a strong and long lasting hull. The bottom is covered with at least two layers of fiberglassweave allowing more abrasion resistance.

- Handmade neopren tuiliks and spraydecks

- Handmade greenland style wooden paddles 

We do also have dealership agreements on kayak and equipment brands imported by Bear & Water, as well as sell used kayaks.