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1/4" missing off my spraydeck

Sometimes a minor, barely noticeable detail in the gear may cause a creeping and potentially big problem. Taking good care of your gear helps, but eventually something mysterious will put you in a bad position. That is when skills and preparedness is needed for action on the upper limits of a paddlers comfort zone.

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Springtime paddle and over the weak ice


April 11, 2006, Jöns Aschan - The ice gave way and what was left was a dark hole that is seen in front of the bow. I went down to my waist and got up like the cork of a bottle of champagne.

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Ice on January 15th, 2012

We have had almost constant snowfall for weeks. Relatively weak ice has been pressed down and is filled and covered with water. The average crystal ice is 10 cm with a lot of variation. Even large holes can be found and seen under the slash of water and snow. Either a longer warm period is needed followed by days of frost to create a new scateable ice. The alternaive is northern winds that opens the coastal waters (enableing kayaking perhaps) and followed by cold and calm days. 

Night paddle to Östertistron in Hanko, Finland

Go Kayak Now! contains a good summary "Sea Kayaking Leadership and Risk Assessment CLAP!". Comments are welcomed from the friday paddle at Hanko Sea Kayak Gathering 2010. Comments based on the CLAP principles are welcomed. Mention which one of them. CLAP is about outdoor leadership and safety. Nightpaddle HSKG 2010
This night trip was one of many workshops offered to the 250 participants at the Hanko Sea Kayak Gathering. 
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