Paddle classes and kayaks for summer and winter tours


Vi föredrar att skilja åt paddlarna i kategorier på Grönlandspaddlar (GP), Europaddlar (EP) och enbladiga kanadensarpaddlar (CP). Det finns betydande variationer bland dem. Vingpaddeln borde egentligen tas separat. I vår utrustning finns främst EP och GP paddlar. Vi rekommenderar att prova och experimentera med olika paddlar, tekniker och paddlingsstil. På längre turer, välj det du är bekant med.

West greenland paddles

We handbuild west greenland style paddles for our own use and for customers. Length, diameters, volume, weight and surface could vary. Ours is usually made out of fir, hollow for less weight and still maintaining some volume for boyancy. Making one takes 2-5 days. 5 days is for a good smooth finish.

Please find a sample of our paddles on the video below. One of them was paddled in autumn ice when looking for a jetty walkway that had been disappeared with the storms. Another is a shorter stormpaddle.


  • Prepare for kayak - we offer intros and more

    Winter and early spring is the time to prepare for summer adventures. With us you get introduced to the sport and more. We have the equipment and experience for whatever season you might think of.

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