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River paddle from Svartå towards Karis

Svartå Bruk (Mustion Ruukki) is located at the offspring of Lohjanjärvi (Lojosjön). A small river with slow flowing water and minor rapids starts with water from Lohjanjärvi and flows all the way to Pohjanlahti. The river has a few powerplant dams where kayaks need to be carried around if going the full length of the river. The river stretches past agriculture areas for a distance of 24 kilometers. The tour may start and extend some of the distance to return back upstream to the startingpoint.

Winter kayaking show & presentation

Deadly cold water and a tippy kayak, perhaps surrounded by ice and frost in the air.  For you it looks like a trap with only one outcome. A gasp of cold water in your lungs, or at least severe hypothermia and inability to act rationally. No way you would volunteer - would you?  Some paddlers defy the cold in order to enjoy and lead paddling tours in the winter landscapes. Jöns Aschan is one of them. He will equip properly with gear and skills to demonstrate skills useful to avoid the dangers of the elements. Ask him about the time when he suddenly found himself looking up at the ice from below. The actual show in the water will take about a quarter and can be accompanied by fabulous video scenery and stories from winter tours.

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One day tour to the Ekenäs archipelago

The Finnish archipelago, and even more the Ekenäs archipelago is full of world unique features. A dense number of islets, with trees and forest, and also clean-washed rock gardens. True access to all of this is only possible by kayak, and cannot be imagined before seeing it. During one day we are able to enjoy a selection of varying scenery, and be lead by Jöns Aschan to places that only people grown up in the archipelago know where to find.

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Kayak games and archipelago tour

This tour is targeted to serve families with children and young teenagers, but there is no reason why and older person would not enjoy the same games and teaching excersises. Kids and young teenagers enjoy kayaking as such. In a family setting they might be bored without the extra action. The young quickly learn an exceed their elders in skills in the right setting. The proper challenges are brought by educational games towards kayak handling, balancing and rescue skills. This tour is designed to be spiced with games and skills learning while having a goal to reach a camping site/cottage in the unique archipelago of Ekenäs. We pick and choose from a palette of activities that we feel will inspire most at that moment.

The tour is approximately 8-10 kilometers per day. Our experience is that children even under the age of 9 and up can paddle the distance in their own boat, participate and enjoy in the company of their parent(s). Parents may learn about towing and safety considerations where they play with their kids.

Small islands and rocks can be explored by foot or by kayak at the destination. Food and sauna can be included. Sleeping is either in high quality tents with sleeping bags or in a cottage.

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