Paddle classes and kayaks for summer and winter tours

Paddle basecamps in the Finnish archipelago

Basecamp 1 is on the Gullö island south of Ekenäs. Easy to access by car, by the waterways from Ekenäs. Basecamp 2 (lat: 59.8501, long: 23.4097) is located in an extraordinary place, and available for our kayaking customers. We offer sauna, meals and indoor accommodation on this remote island. It is a much appreciated destination where we can offer most of variation to all sorts of sea kayaking. We organise paddling classes and recreational meetings here in combinations with archipelago tour. Beds for 6 persons, official camping spots nearby and have 10 seats around the dinner table.

Here you will experience living without tap water and electricity as people did in the old times. See the stars, the moonlight, oillamps and candles. The closest car parking space is 8 kilometers away, approximately a 2 hour paddle when navigating through sheltered archipelago. From the Helsinki airport you would have a less than 130km drive, from Helsinki or Turku (if arriving by ferry) you would drive slightly more than 100 kilometers. Alternativly you could take the train or bus to Ekenäs. 

Accommodation is in two chambers in the main building and one chamber in the sauna. Each of them has 2 beds. In addition some extra simple beds can be placed in the livingroom for the night.


Gskar1.jpg  Gskar2.jpg

Diningroom and livingroom with a fireplace


Cottage overview. Furnished with two beds per sleepingroom.



Sauna overview. Furnished with two beads in the "tupa".

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