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Our kayak park consists of two Valley Nordkapp PE, five Prijon Barracuda with rudders, one Prijon TourYak with rudder, one Prijon Kodiak with rudder, one Prijon Excursion, one Wilderness Systems Northstar, one Stuer Kayaks Tiger K1 flat water race kayak, one polo kayak, a couple of junior kayaks. There is also wood strip kayaks for various purposes: a flat botton low volume Greenland style woodstrip/epoxy kayak "Fragrance" perfect for rolling sessions using euro or greenland paddle, a hybrid sea kayak in woodstrip/epoxy "Blade" for distance travel, an unnamed UK style woodstrip/epoxy sea kayak and an extreme closed cockpit-surfski type woodstrip/epoxy kayak.

Varying scenery

Nordic Skating in the archipelago, two hours price/person

30,00 €

Nordic Skating is a recreational form of long distance skating on natural ice that forms on lakes, rivers and seas. For safety ice claws, a boyancy aid in the form of a rucksack, throwing line and ice poles for probing the ice are used. To protect against the cold and possible immersion also a set of exchange clothing is carried. Tour leaders develop their probing and route evaluation skills by participation in teory training and practice over the years.