Paddlingsfabriken has involved 4 people as guides or assistant guides for kayaking tours. Since they all have a separate main job, and may not always be available we are looking for able tourguides who have the appropriate attitude and technical skills to assist or work as the primary tourguide. If you have the techincal skills comparable to NIL hjälpinstruktör or BCU 3* Kayak Sea and appropriate age to carry responsibility for a group of beginners then you may be the person we are looking for.

If you are interested, then send your application with credentials to Jöns Aschan. If your background looks appropriate we would expect you to participate in a tour during which you will initially be interviewed and assessed.

You need to book your visit beforehand. If arriving unbooked you may seriously interrupt some other activities, or be trapped behind roadblocks as a trespasser. That is why these instructions are available for registered users only.

We have several location from which we operate today: Fågelsången 8 in Ekenäs, and Passvägen 236 on Gullö island a good piece further into the archipelago.

Directions using Google and Navigators

Search for Paddlingsfabriken in Google and Passvägen 236 should appear with instructions. Tap in Fågelsången 8, Ekenäs änd your navigator should guide you.  The traditional word description of the routes are below.

Fågelsången 8

You would arrive to Ekenäs along the road #25 from the Hanko/Turku or Helsinki direction. Turn into Ekenäs at the Dragsvik junction. Drive along Raseborgsvägen until you arrive at Baggövägen (#1002). If you came from Dragsvik then you would turn left to arrive at Baggövägen. Turn left again and right at the second junction, and drive straight. A few hundred meters and you are at Fågelsången street.

Passvägen 236

Follow Fågelsången 8 instructions, but keep driving along Baggövägen for 7 kilometers. Before the ferry, turn right to Gullö. Drive Jomalviksvägen (#11043) for 3 kilometers until you arrive at a T-junction, and turn right towards Gullö Gård. You are now at Gullövägen. Drive 2300 meters and you will find a yellow gate on your lefthand side on top of the slope. Drive through the gate and along Passvägen for 2 kilometers.

You will arrive at a forestfield. At the end of the field you will find a banner saying "Paddlingsfabriken" in yellow and green. Turn left onto the even smaller road and you are only a couple of hundred meters from the Paddlingsfabriken facilities.

Give us a call if you get lost. The most common mistakes is to drive past the gate on Gullövägen 203 or to drive towards south and Odensö from Jomalviksvägen.

Jöns AschanJöns Aschan is the owner of Paddlingsfabriken and works as the coach, guide, webmaster and sales agent.


  • Trained and qualified (2015) for British Canoe 4 Start Sea Leader, Kayak in Anglesey
  • Qualified (2007) for BCU 3 Star Sea Kayak
  • Qualified Coach Level 2
  • Trained for BCU 4 Star Sea (2008)
  • Assessed for NIL assistant instructor (Hjälinstruktör, 2008)
  • Past in K1, K2 and K4 flatwater competion kayaking on a national level from 1971 to 1980
  • During his training years he covered up to 5000km of paddling in a year
  • Gives kayaking classes
  • Shows on a regular basis
  • Trained for, designs and builds wooden kayaks using Stitch&Glue and strip building techiniques
  • Qualified for wilderness first aid
  • He holds a marine VHF-radio operators certificate and the radio
  • Speaks fluent Swedish, Finnish, English and has skills in German, and basics of French