Choosing the right clothing is a way to stay comfortable both on the water and on the shore during breaks. For safety not only floatation and bailing equipment is helpful. A good dinner and nights sleep is the foundation for the following day adventures, affecting also how the paddler interacts with others.


Paddling gear for the tour

The needed personal equipment will depend on the length of the tour, your role in the group, weather and air/water temperature and the geographical environment such as stretches of open water. Any equipment list is recommendations that you would modify with growing experience and depending on what services will be provided to you if and when joining an organised tour or class.

Basics:  Kayak, paddle, spraydeck, PFD, bailing pump, sponge

Short tour or training session:  Full set of warm spare clothing packed dry, cap or hat, wind proof jacket, wind proof trousers, sunglasses, sunscreen, drinking water, snacks.

Longer tour or demaning environment: Tent, sleeing bag, sleeping mattress, 3 litre of water/day, food, knife, fork, spoon, mug, plate/cup, thermos flask, headlight, firelighting tools, towing line, paddle float, drybags, extra batteries, charged mobile/VHF, waterproof pocket for the mobile, helmet, compass, GPS, bailing pump, chart or seachart covering the area, important contact numbers, first aid kit, repair tools

Personal: Toothbrush, paste, soap, swimsuit, towel, prescription farmaca

Cold season and open seas: Drysuit and proper insulation underneeth. The intention is to protect from hypothermia caused either by immersion in cold water, or the chill of wind and water spray. A drysuit can always be packed away if not needed. 

Cooking: Outdoor stowe, fuel, salt, pepper, sugar, yeast, flour, oil in a tight container, dry fruit and a selection of ingredients matching the intended menu. Do have something as backup if your cooking plans fails.

Paddlingsfabriken may provide all or part of the equipment and food as agreed on the tour ininerary. Most people do feel more comfortable with their personal gear. For organising the tour and bringing the right equipment it is good for us to know your size (length, weight), allergies, food preferences and the equipment/food you will be bringing along.

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