Surfing with a kayak gives an understanding of how and why it is good to excel on the techniques introduced throughout flat water and classroom teaching sessions. Besides being lots of fun there is a lot of surf specific knowledge to be gained. Become a safer paddler by surf training.


Plan for surfing. The days with surf are few and usually combined with strong winds. Surfing with sea kayaks can be done offshore or in the break zone close to the shore. Surfing enhances your kayak handling skills both regarding launching and landing, but also gives you a wider understanding for why we we teach different paddle strokes and braces already at the introduction courses.

Wind speed conversions
10 km/h = 2.7 m/s
36 km/h = 10.4 m/s
51 km/h = 14,2 m/s
72 km/h = 20,0 m/s

Paddlingsfabriken will provide all the kit you need at the event once your booking with us is confirmed.

Kayak surf nearby Tulliniemi in Hanko, Finland

 Paddlingsfabriken offers training sessions
 Participants: (2 - 6 people)
Price: Starting from 70 euro/person including equipment