NIL Finland r.y. has defined a seakayaing continuation course of at least 10 hours of teaching with fokus on safety considerations. This course can be offered for example during a weekend or split on three evenings.

The goal:

After the course the participant has tools to manage by own efforts in the environment mentioned below, and can act as a strong part of a group.


Partly unsheltered sea or lake area with 4-8 m/s wind, max 0,5 meter waves.

Participant requirements:

The paddler has the basic kajakpaddling skills as defined in the paricipants instructions in finnish or swedish.


Qualified NIL instructors. Minimum 4 maximum of 6 students/instructor.

Price: 170 €

Closer descriotions in Finnish (aslso available in swedish) : Sea Kayaker - Kurssikuvaus | Sea Kayaker - osallistujan ohjeet | Sea Kayaker - tarkempi kurssisisältö ja tavoitteet