The quick way to build rolling confidence is to quickly do your first roll and then start on lots of variations. Jöns does about 10 different variations of rolling himself and usually gives individual instruction to beginners in a straightforward fashion, where you will suddenly get appaloude for success, without even realizing you did it on your own. You will have an instructors full attention and support by your side during the intensive trainging. The individual session will last for 30 minutes, and then you will move to observe or excercise on your own, until we are all done and do some summing up - perhaps with additional moves on the water.  If you already have some success then you will get advice and examples on how to improve your rolling. Sharing experiences is one of the routes to get more confident as a roller.   Of course nobody can guarantee that you succeed, and the reasons will be identified and worked on.

Greenland style rolling examples (video clips)