Nordisk Instruktörslicens Finland (NIL Finland) is an association with a primary objective to standardise, share, develop and demonstrate a quality and safety level regaring Sea Kayaking. The list below is an outline of the first level training for which a participant can receive a certificate. The more specific and official details can be found of the website.

Paddle technique

  1. Forwards paddling technique
  2. Sitting posture
  3. Steering with sweep strokes
  4. Abrupt stopping while maintaining direction
  5. Reverse paddling
  6. Sideways movement
  7. Steering using paddle as sternrudder on both sides
  8. Steering by edging the kayak (steering combined with an edge)
  9. Low brace on both sides
  10. Understanding high brace and the beginnings of mastering high brace
  11. Towing (long line)
  12. Rafting
  13. Capsize and confident exit of the kayak, paddlefloat self-rescue
  14. Confident capsize, exit and partner rescue as the rescued
  15. Confident capsize, exit and pastner rescue as the rescuer
  16. Emptying a kayak without bulkheads
Theory skills
  1. Navigation using a map and a compass
  2. Traffic rules on water, especially collision avoidance rules
Other skills
  1. Equipment you should always carry on a tour
  2. Working principles on sternrudders and skegs
  3. Towing systems and their working principles
  4. Waves reflecting against land; effects
  5. Waves and shallow waters; effects
  6. Waves from different directions, effects on the kayak
  7. Winds from the sea and from land, what should be considered in both cases
  8. How can you identify if someone is afraid or sick on land or during a tour
  9. Tenditis, sunstroke, backpain and first aid during a paddletour
  10. Protected nature areas and bird areas, rules & everyman's rights

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