Our one day paddleclasses are packed with information and exercises. You save 2 hours by participating in 5 hour classes in comparison to 3 day evening-classes of total 6-7 hours instructortime, ie 9 hours course time. Preparing kayaks and equipment before and finnishing up takes an hour for each night. 

We do instructing as a profession

Most participants can pass the internationally known BCU1 star assessment 5 hours from the start of our 1 star training. Provided they commit to the exercises. An alternative is the Finnish Canoe Association syllabus, with one minor deviation from their recommendations. The NIL Grundsäkerhet cannot be done in one day for a beginner since the requirements are set on a higher level. Grundsäkerhet is more. It is halfway between BCU2 and BCU3 star levels but without an assessment.

We do organise longer classes too. They would typically be overnight classes with cottage accommodation, dinner, breakfast and camping outings far from the hectic boat traffic. Time would be intensly used for skills improvement, knowledge building, navigation, safety, group and leadership skills. There would also be time for much needed relaxation and deiscussions between sessions. The specifics per course will soon be available for registered customers. Until then - message us for details.

The area is great!

Beginners classes are mostly held in the vicinity of the Gullö island or Ekenäs (Tammisaari). Gullö island gives us an edge. There is a beatiful channel nearby that will always be protected, calm and safe. You can focus on the tasks to be learned. Longer classes are best held at our National Park basecamp on Grytskär. Look around on this website to learn from pictures, videos and maps related mostly to this area.