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Course and assessment outlines from different bodies can be found here. They have similarities. They also target different environments, levels and coaching steps. Our thoughts will appear in descriptions on how certain techniques should be performed. The advantage of a skilled coach is that he/she can introduce you to skills and knowledge that you did not realise that existed and can expand the knowledge you already have.

Your quickest entry to kayaking skills is to attend our five hour beginners course. Attend one of the sheduled courses and if you cannot match one of the available we try to organise one suitable for you. For groups larger than 4 people we can organise a bespoke class.  

The structure and emphasis in the course contents will vary to meet the skills and needs of the clients while the goal is to cover and develop skills and understanding needed for a 1 Star certificate. This course is also the basis for continuing towards 2 and 3 star asessments.

The section for recreational- and tourpaddling of the Finnish Canoe Federation has made recommendations on minimum contents regarding paddlecourses directed towards beginners. The objective is to harmonise and guarantee the tutoring of the same basic skills in courses given by memberclubs of the the association. This recommendation is primarily directed towards classes given by the clubs.

Nordisk Instruktörslicens Finland (NIL Finland) is an association with a primary objective to standardise, share, develop and demonstrate a quality and safety level regaring Sea Kayaking. The list below is an outline of the first level training for which a participant can receive a certificate. The more specific and official details can be found of the website.

Paddle technique