Jussarö meloen 23.-25.7.2018

Kolmen päivän melonta retki Jussarön saarelle jag Tammisaaren saaristoon. Lisää ateriat ja leiriytymisvarusteet ellet tuo omia.
Jussarö Fyr på Sundharun
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Jussarö Fyr på Sundharun

Sisältää: Kajakin, melan, melontaliivit, aukkopeitteen

Lisää ostoskoriin tai tuo omat:

- 2 aamiaista, 3 lounasta and 2 illallista.

- Makuualusta, makuupussi, paikka teltassa.

Guided. We will use first weather opportunities to reach Jussarö and sourroundings. Group capabilities will affect our decisions. The time will be used for exploring interesting islands and features in the archipelago. There will be time for relaxing, taking photos and reading a book. Participants need to have previous paddling experience, be able to paddle their kayak 10 km with only short breaks on the water. With land breaks the paddler should be prepared to paddle maximum of 20 km in a day.

Day 1: Meeting at 10:00 in Baggö harbour

Day 2: If weather permits - Camping on the Jussarö south side

Day 3: The plan is to reach Baggö harbrour at 16:00 

Leave a good slack in your travel plans. If you have a flight out, let us know as you book and latest before the paddle tour starts.




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