Blade3.JPGPaddlefactory ( designs and builds kayaks for use in our own activites and for sale. At the moment 6 kayaks models are made. Compared to the weight these epoxy laminated wooden kayaks are stronger than fiberglass or plastic boats. Woodstrip kayaks are pieces of art that others will admire.  The Greenland style low volume "Fragrance" has made people turn their heads, more than the other models. 

Since each kayak is handmade customisations for your needs would be a natural ingredient. Cockpits can be made smaller or wider to meet your preferences. Extra hatches, rudders, boat volume etc can be varied.

We have build a fast Surfski type decked kayak, a toddlers kayak, a traditional sea kayak and a slightly faster and more narrow version of that same sea kayak. The expected price of a stripbuilt kayak from us would be in the range of 1900 to 5000 euros, depending on the required ornaments, fiber selection, finish and equipment.



AlmaIspaddlar.jpgSeaStrip fast and narrow.PB270366.JPG