Paddlingsfabriken can offer custom kayak designs, courses and coaching, as well as source building material and build the kayak for you. If you are lacking the proper space to build, let us know, we might be able to find an appropriate space for you.

Jöns at Paddlingsfabriken has designed and built close to ten woodcomposite kayaks of varying designs. The construction techinques used have been stitch & glue as well as strip built hulls. The main focus has been on experimenting with form and function. Less with ornaments and layouts of colored strips.

Blade3.JPGPaddlefactory ( designs and builds kayaks for use in our own activites and for sale. At the moment 6 kayaks models are made. Compared to the weight these epoxy laminated wooden kayaks are stronger than fiberglass or plastic boats. Woodstrip kayaks are pieces of art that others will admire.  The Greenland style low volume "Fragrance" has made people turn their heads, more than the other models.