Handmade wooden kayaks are on offer. They are durable and lightweight, easy to maintain. Our standard is that the wood is laminated and enclosed with fiberglass and epoxy resin, creating a strong and long lasting hull. The bottom is covered with at least two layers of fiberglassweave allowing more abrasion resistance.

- Handmade neopren tuiliks and spraydecks

- Handmade greenland style wooden paddles 

We do also have dealership agreements on kayak and equipment brands imported by Bear & Water, as well as sell used kayaks.



S&G - Greenland style low volume kayak with birch plywood in the core. (2.900 euro). 


 Nalike - a touring or expedition kayak with more volume. This core is of fir strips. (1600 euro) 


 BladeTop Sea kayak
Blade sea kayak profile


- a fast touring kayak that easily cuts throu wave tops, surfs and tracks well, high stability. (5.500 euro, vat 23%) 


SeaStrip, nicknamed The Needle - is an extreme in narrowness and length for maximum hull speed. (2.200 euro)