To rent you have to prove you are skilled enough to meet your plans and the expected environment. July - August with warm air and water is easy. More demanding plans, groups, on open sea we will require solid skills, or training with passing an examination. BCU, EPP and NIL awards will help along the way. We do not want to loose someone nor have equipment unavailable just because you did not know or prepare for sudden challenges.

Beginners are recommended to take an introductory course before renting. To go they must have a person with them that have solid self rescues, navigational skills, some cold water experience. A person with similar to BCU2-star skills levels could rent a kayak for himself during the summer months. Take one or two beginners with you and should have comparable to BCU3-star skills ie. self rescue experience in small waves. Besides the BCU (British Canoe Union) training/examination system other systems are familiar too. We want you kayaking experience to be safe and fun.

Training provides you the skills to choose your boat and try your limits safely.  A wide boat is not always the best choice.

Rent prices are calculated based on number of hours rented. Provide us with your planned dates and departure/landing time. Transportation can also be provided for an extra charge. For transportation either a proper roof rack with cusioning or a trailer with proper kayak transportation racks with cusioning has to be used. Booking terms are described on "Booking and sales" and are the same for all services ie. prepayment and possibly a deposit.


Enquiry and choose your equipment  HERE