BladeOnWater7.JPGBlade was designed to experiment and to modify some properties noticed in a Nordkapp PE during a paddle in strong winds and light load. It has less of turning up into wind, more tracking in general, quicker and easier start and staying in surf and more of cutting through the wave tops. We need more testing with different loads and varying weather conditions to write more about its final properties.

The hatches are covered by neopren that to design are to keep water from entering the watertight compartments. Hatches are further covered by lids that have been cut-out from the deck construction. These stiff lids protect the neopren from direct outside pressure that could push the neopren off and into the hatch.

Blade does not have a skeg or rudder as its current outfitting. Blade kayak

Contact us for a testpaddle. We would like to get your review for publishing.


Blade design properties
Overall Length 550.3 cm
Waterline Length 524.1 cm
Maximum Overall Beam 53 cm
Maximum Waterline Beam 50.8 cm
Maximum Draft 12.8 cm
Design Displacement 95.89 kg
Wetted Surface Area 1.77 m²
Waterplane Area 1.31 m²