We offer 13+ kayak seats in singles and tandems used for training, tours and renting:

- Valley Nordkapp PE
- Prijon Barracuda with rudders
- Prijon TourYak with rudder
- Prijon Kodiak with rudder
- Prijon Excursion (tandem)
- Wilderness Systems Northstar (tandem)
- Stuer Kayaks Tiger K1 flat water race kayak
- polo kayak
- junior kayaks.

- Fragrance Greenland style woodstrip/epoxy kayak
- Blade hybrid sea kayak in woodstrip/epoxy
- Nalike UK style woodstrip/epoxy sea kayak
- SeaStrip "Needle" closed cockpit-surfski type woodstrip/epoxy kayak.


Fragrance low volume design makes rolling easier to learn, and with some comfort for your legs. Especially the back deck is so low that it is constantly flushed by water. The watertight hatch cover gets a new meaning. Even a small leak could quickly fill up the boat hatch. Edge and half the hatch will be submerged. We did manage to construct a hatch cover that is even tighter and easier to handle than most commercially sold factory hatches, while still using wood. Our goal is to have a hatch - even on this low volume kayak - that could allow keeping spareclothes dry even spred loosley in the hatch. The covers are still easy to open and close.


BladeOnWater7.JPGBlade was designed to experiment and to modify some properties noticed in a Nordkapp PE during a paddle in strong winds and light load. It has less of turning up into wind, more tracking in general, quicker and easier start and staying in surf and more of cutting through the wave tops. We need more testing with different loads and varying weather conditions to write more about its final properties.


We prefer to distinguish paddles into categories of Greenland style (GP), Euro blade (EP) and Canoe one bladed paddles (CP). You can find a lot of variations and development on them. The Wing paddle should probably have its own class. In our equipment the main focus is on EP and GP paddles. Basic GP paddles are fairly easy to shape out of wood and reshaped to fit the personal needs and preferences of the paddler. For more heavy use I would recommend to try many different paddles and experiment with paddling techniques and styles.