We offer 13+ kayak seats in singles and tandems used for training, tours and renting:

- Valley Nordkapp PE
- Prijon Barracuda with rudders
- Prijon TourYak with rudder
- Prijon Kodiak with rudder
- Prijon Excursion (tandem)
- Wilderness Systems Northstar (tandem)
- Stuer Kayaks Tiger K1 flat water race kayak
- polo kayak
- junior kayaks.

- Fragrance Greenland style woodstrip/epoxy kayak
- Blade hybrid sea kayak in woodstrip/epoxy
- Nalike UK style woodstrip/epoxy sea kayak
- SeaStrip "Needle" closed cockpit-surfski type woodstrip/epoxy kayak.


The Nordkapp model was originally design for a paddle along the Norwegian coast up to Nordkapp. The boat has rocker and volume to keep the paddler dry even in high seas. The back of the deck is fairly low. Sometimes the model is referred to as "English style sea kayak" with 2 watertight compartments and a large dayhatch between the cockpit and the stern compartment. It responds well to steering manouvers, has stability for a beginner even if some beginners might desire even more stability.

  • Length 548 cm
  • Width 54 cm
  • Weight 26 kg

Barracuda from Prijon is made of High Performance Thermoplast (HTP) Polyethylene. The material is strong as cold and warm, and does not loose its shape as some other plastic boats do in the sunlight when at rest on storage. This boat is fast, has watertight compartments that must be closed with their rubbersuspended neoprene lids when at sea. Steering with the rudder happens with adjustable foot braces/pedals. Seats, backrests and kneebraces are padded for comfort on longer stays on the water. It responds to steering manouvers while the long keel line gives it more tracking it is not the kayak of choice if you intend to demonstrate techincal manouvers. An intermediate paddler would travel faster in this kayak than in most other sea kayaks. Loaded it has a good initial and secondary stability.

  • Length 518 cm
  • Width 54 cm
  • Volume 397 l
  • Weight 27.2 kg
  • Cockpit 81 cm X 45 cm 


We prefer to distinguish paddles into categories of Greenland style (GP), Euro blade (EP) and Canoe one bladed paddles (CP). You can find a lot of variations and development on them. The Wing paddle should probably have its own class. In our equipment the main focus is on EP and GP paddles. Basic GP paddles are fairly easy to shape out of wood and reshaped to fit the personal needs and preferences of the paddler. For more heavy use I would recommend to try many different paddles and experiment with paddling techniques and styles.