BladeTop Sea kayak
Blade sea kayak profile


- a fast touring kayak that easily cuts throu wave tops, surfs and tracks well, high stability. (5.500 euro, vat 23%) 


Blade is a kayak that has a lot of stability and good tracking. Almost no weather cocking up to a point of 16m/s windspeed. Currently it is free of a skeg, but since it reacts to winds in excess of 16 m/s Jöns has decided to remove som of the keel in the back and add a skeg instead. Currently it turns nicely up to 90 degrees on a bow draw, and stops there. Even beginning paddlers will feel confident with the balance, and edging is easy. Edged turns work well too. The cockpit is large and you can either keep your knees free in the middle or lock them under the cockpit sides for more boat control.

The forms of the hull is truly nicely curved. The flush hatchcovers and the curves is much appreciated if you like taking a swim and climb back into the cockpit on water. There is nothing that causes blisters on your tighs - so common on rescue training with most other kayak models.

During summer 2010 Jöns used Blade as his primary boat. The above pictures are taken some of the first paddling days for blade in the spring 2010.

One of the late summer day expeditions went to Jussarö lighthouse on Sundharun skerrie. There was approximately a 5 km open water crossing with winds of 14 m/s and waves of up to 2 meters.