Deadly cold water and a tippy kayak, perhaps surrounded by ice and frost in the air.  For you it looks like a trap with only one outcome. A gasp of cold water in your lungs, or at least severe hypothermia and inability to act rationally. No way you would volunteer - would you?  Some paddlers defy the cold in order to enjoy and lead paddling tours in the winter landscapes. Jöns Aschan is one of them. He will equip properly with gear and skills to demonstrate skills useful to avoid the dangers of the elements. Ask him about the time when he suddenly found himself looking up at the ice from below. The actual show in the water will take about a quarter and can be accompanied by fabulous video scenery and stories from winter tours.

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It has become an annual tradition for Jöns to saw a larger hole in the Ice on the sea, and rolling in his kayak. A visitor can socialize with hot drinks and finnish makkara or volunteer to a snow sculpture competition, try skiing, skating, ride a horse sledge. There will also be opportunities to listen to kayak, skate or skiing adventures in the archipelago around Ekenäs. Jöns will present some video material from amazing daytrips and longer. You also have an opportunity after the indoors presentation at the nature centre of Metsähallitus to discuss opportunities for you - personally - to experience similar scenery.

We provide a paddle show starting at 12:30 and opportunity to try ropegymnastics (like rolling in a kayak). The show is subject to existing conditions but last winter we could show rolling, self-rescues and kayak exchanges on icy-cold water. Rope gymnastics has been used by Greenlanders to exercise their rolling skills on land. There are close to 80 different moves on rope performed and evaluated in special kayak skills competitions. At 13:30 Jöns will hold a presentation on kayaking at Naturum on the other side of the street.