Kayak paddle tour to Jussarö and surrounding islands, 3 days

3 day tour to Jussarö island and the Tammisaari archipelago
Jussarö Fyr på Sundharun

Paddle to Jussarö in Ekenäs/Tammisaari

is the largest of outer islands in the Ekenäs (Tammisaari) archipelago and is an island with many faces. The most obvious is its history of iron ore and mining. Second and less known is the islands hidden miniature archipelago that is often challenging to reach. As a motor boater you would consider magnetic disturbances, underwater rocks, waves and narrow channels met by rocks on both sides. Many ships rest on the sea bead around the island.

Video:  Jussarö lighthouse and the Jussarö archipelago

A kayaker must consider the remoteness and that the island is exposed to mist and windwaves. If the weather changes to challenging there would be no time to loose if you want to seek shelter elsewhere. The distance to Jussarö by kayak is 8km from the closest carpark, the Jussarö Lighthouse is a further 5 km south from Jussarö harbour. Many interesting features can be found on the way. Channels, pits in the bead rock, channels, pondlike bays, boathouses and nice shores to relax on.

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Paddlingsfabriken organizes kayak tours to Jussarö on order. A strong paddler can make a day visit, starting early to get the most of the experience. To really enjoy you should opt for a two or three day alternative. It will be a learning expericence for your kayaking and navigation.

3 day guided tours

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and separate arrangement

Jussarö lighthouse against a moonlit sky during one of the kayak tours

Includes: Kayak, paddle, pfd, spraydeck, guide

Add or bring:

- 2 times breakfast, 3 times lunch and 2 times dinner.

- camping mattress, place in tent,  and sleeping bag to the cart.

Guided. We will use first weather opportunities to reach Jussarö and sourroundings. Group capabilities will affect our decisions. The time will be used for exploring interesting islands and features in the archipelago. There will be time for relaxing, taking photos and reading a book. Participants need to have previous paddling experience, be able to paddle their kayak 10 km with only short breaks on the water. With land breaks the paddler should be prepared to paddle maximum of 20 km in a day.

Day 1: Meeting at 10:00 in Baggö harbour

Day 2: If weather permits - Camping on the Jussarö south side

Day 3: The plan is to reach Baggö harbrour at 16:00 

Leave a good slack in your travel plans. If you have a flight out, let us know as you book and latest before the paddle tour starts.




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