Morning paddle

Morning paddle from shores of Ekenäs to our basecamp on Gullö, oppoisite of Dagmarskällan. Total distance of approximately 12km. Minimum 4 participants.
Källviken bryggan - the Dagmar park jettyKällviken bryggan - the Dagmar park jetty
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To participate you should have previous experience from a paddle course or a full day tour in a sea or touring kayak. This guided tour is for you who want to break out onto the nearby waters and see a little bit of the local waters. There may be time for a short swim and a visit to Dagmar Park, a newly instantiated national park and its secluded sandy beach. On warm sunny mornings it is however fairly crowded. The spring water is always running fresh and cold. Opposite is the Basecamp of Paddlingsfabriken, with a private shore and a possibility to break out with separately booked car transport back to Ekenäs.


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