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Kayak rent 6 hours

Kayak rent for up to 6 hours.
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Shipment: Nouto/Avhämtning/Pickup at our location for 0,00 €
Shipment: Delivery/Pickup Sommarö, Skåldö, Torsö for 30,00 €
Sales price 40,00 €
Price / kg:


Longer rentals are lower, per hour charges become lower. Pcikup and return times are agreed when booking:

- Starting at minimum 3 hours

- 6 hours, a full day

- 14 hours

- multiple days

Equiment delivery to the shore (unless you pickup/return to our location in Ekenäs or Gullö):

- Up to 10 kayaks against one delivery charge.

The delivery charge varies between locations, as selected at shopping cart level before checkout.  Please provide us with your exact pickup time and return time in the cart notes. We do not like to leave kayaks alone on the shore on your responsibility. As we meet there may be some time for introducing the specifics of the kayaks, and possibly swap models.


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